What does barramundi taste like?

Australian barramundi has a mild, buttery flavour. Its firm white flesh has a fine-grained texture and is delicate, succulent and deliciously meaty!

How do I cook barramundi?

You’ll find that Aussie barra is a very versatile fish. It can be fried, grilled, steamed, baked or even wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on hot coals. The hardest part is picking what method to use! For recipe inspiration, you can download our digital recipe e-book or have a look at our recipe page.

How do I know if my barramundi is Australian and sustainable?

ABFA members are committed stewards of the environment and operate under the strictest environmental management regimes in the world. Look for the golden tick of approval (see our certified farms here). If you can’t find Australian barramundi with your local provider, #askforaussiebarra

What are barramundi fed?

Aussie farmed barramundi are fed pellets made from sustainably and ethically sourced high quality ingredients. Raw materials in pellets are tested, safe, sustainable and certified. Ingredients commonly include fishmeal and fish oil from well managed sustainable fisheries and seafood processing trimmings; meat protein from by-products of human food production; vegetable/grain ingredients such as wheat and its derivatives, soya protein concentrate, lupin meal, fava bean meal and canola oil; vitamins, minerals and supplements to help maintain good bacteria and excellent gut health, strong bones and overall health and well-being of our fish.

Where can I buy Australian sustainable barramundi?

Australian sustainable barramundi is available nationwide in fresh food sections at Coles and Woolworths and good quality fish mongers. Country of origin will be labelled at these retailers, to ensure you know exactly where your barra is coming from. Our mission is to make Australian, sustainably sourced barramundi the norm. If your local provider doesn’t currently source Aussie barramundi, always #askforaussiebarra to make a change.

Where are Australian barramundi farms located?

Aussie barramundi farms are located in all states of Australia except Tasmania. For a list of sustainable, Aussie farms you can trust, have a look at our Sustainable Farms page here.

What are the nutritional benefits of eating Aussie barramundi?

Australian barramundi is low in fat, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, makes an excellent protein choice and is brimming with a variety of vitamins and minerals. A 170g fillet of barramundi contains approximately 140 calories, and just 13% (around 18 calories) of this amount comes from fat. Eating a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids may help lower cholesterol and decrease risk of heart disease, cancer and neurological disorders.

What vitamins and minerals do barramundi contain?

Aussie barra is chockers full of essential vitamins and minerals that support your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. For example, you can find selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A and calcium. Just one fillet of barramundi contains approximately 40mg of calcium. What a fish!