Celebrity chefs who love Aussie barra

There’s a star-studded cast of celebrity chefs when it comes to those who LOVE barra, and for many a good reason! Not only is barramundi absolutely bursting with good-for-you nutrients, it’s also super versatile – making it the star of many dishes created by Aussie and international chefs alike.

For five celebrity chefs who just can’t get enough of barra, read on!

Matt Moran

With household names like ARIA, Chiswick and North Bondi Fish under his belt, Aussie celebrity chef alumni and our 2019 Aussie Barra Ambassador knows more than a thing or two about how to elevate your next barramundi dish. From pan roasted barra with Asian greens to barramundi cutlets, we are proud to tell you he is a true master of the barra!

For those who LOVE crispy barra skin (when it’s delicious AND good for you, why wouldn’t you?!), then you can’t miss his MUST-HAVE tips for the best pan-fried barramundi:

  1. Ensure your fish is completely dry before pan frying. This will help create a crispy outside
  2. Use grapeseed oil and get your pan super-hot. Grapeseed oil has a neutral flavour and can tolerate higher temperatures better than olive oil
  3. Place a weight (such as a spatula) on top of your barra as soon as it is placed in the pan, this will stop it from shrinking

Lennox Hastie

Owner of Firedoor in Sydney and featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table: BBQ, 2020 Aussie Barra Ambassador Lennox Hastie was the host of the incredible virtual Barramundi and Fire Master Class we held last year to celebrate National Barramundi Day. Known for his unusual cooking technique, which involves exclusively using fire without the use of electricity or gas, he shared with us his secrets to cooking barramundi on an open flame – which can also be applied to cooking on a barbecue too!

In fact, his top tip for cooking Aussie barra is to leave the skin on, even if you have no intention of eating it. This helps to protect the fish from drying out during cooking due to the small layer of fat AND locks the flavour in too – bonus!

Colin Fassnidge

A fixture in the Australian restaurant scene since he arrived in 1999, Colin Fassnidge loves to create a perfectly crispy barra using Aussie barramundi in his kitchen at Banksia, in Sydney. He even uses some rendered cod fat to take the already-amazing barramundi to the next level – YUM!

Shane Delia

Owner of Melbourne’s award-winning Maha, likes to combine Middle Eastern and Modern Australian influences to create a knockout barra dish consisting of crunchy chickpeas and halva mayonnaise – anyone else’s tummy rumbling?

Guy Grossi

So we’ve got the cooking part down pat – but what about the bit BEFORE the cooking? Don’t worry, our chefs have got you covered for that part too! When it comes to purchasing the perfect barramundi, devoted chef, restauranteur and owner of Grossi Restaurants, Guy Grossi shares his top tips:

  1. Fresh barra should smell like a clean pond – it should never smell bad!
  2. If buying a whole barramundi, the eyes should be clear. Cloudy or sunken eyes signal the fish is not fresh!
  3. Fresh filleted barramundi should be shiny, firm and bounce back at the touch


Of course, the most important tip our Aussie chefs believe creates the freshest and most delicious barramundi dish is to #askforaussiebarra!

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