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We’ve all got a weekly rotation of dishes we cook, the mid-week struggle for dinner inspo is real. Well hunt no more, as we round up our latest recipe features.

The holidays are a great time for cooking and we took full advantage of the recent long weekends working with our followers to show how they enjoy Australia’s most delicious, nutritious and celebrated fish. We absolutely loved seeing our barramundi cooked in your homes and had to share with you all. Supplied only with our ethically and sustainably produced fresh barramundi straight from a local farm, here are their irresistible and good for you dishes.


BBQ barramundi

Lauren Kate aka MadMaxMum whipped up a Creamy Coconut Fish Curry. We know what your thinking Barramundi isn’t the usual type of white fish used in a curry dish, but as Lauren put it ‘it absolutely paid off’. This curry is one for the family, not spicy so totally kid friendly and packed with flavour for adults to enjoy too.

Find the full recipe here: https://www.madmaxmum.com/new-blog/2022/4/20/creamy-coconut-fish-curry

The Where Two blew us away capturing all the flavours of Australia with their crispy barramundi paired with macadamia on a bed of crispy potatoes and native indigenous herbs. For tips on how to cook crispy skin barramundi, sign up to our newsletter, dropping to your inbox this month.

BBQ barramundi
BBQ barramundi

This recipe by @foodtravelandaredhead is destined to be added to your weekly rotation of dishes. This sheet pan mouth-watering Mediterranean Style Baked Barramundi is great for a quick and easy dinner during the week.

Ready to get cooking: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cb9dzdzr2az/

@nourishandflourishsyd cooked up a storm creating two dishes to highlight the versatility when cooking with barramundi. First up (right) we have barramundi marinated in a honey soy glaze with toasted sesame and spring onions for garnish. And served up on the left is lemon butter barramundi with a walnut crust. Can you hear the crunch?

BBQ barramundi
BBQ barramundi

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