Energise your day with Aussie Barramundi

We all appreciate a quick and tasty lunch, right? But who wants the same old thing every day? That’s why we’ve picked out three fantastic barramundi recipes for you! They’re quick, healthy, and bursting with flavour. Plus, they’ll be ready in under 30 minutes, perfect for your work-from-home days!

Incorporating barramundi into your work lunch rotation isn’t just about adding variety, it’s also a smart choice for your health. Barramundi is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential nutrients like vitamins D and B12, all of which contribute to better energy levels and overall well-being. Choosing barramundi as your go-to lunch option ensures you’re fuelling your body with wholesome goodness, keeping you focused and productive throughout the day. Plus, its light and delicate flavour make it a satisfying and nutritious choice for those midday meals.

Dan Hong’s Barramundi Dumplings

Dan Hong’s Barramundi Dumplings are a delightful treat that’s surprisingly simple to make. While crafting these dumplings from scratch might seem daunting, trust me, it’s a breeze! Plus, when you prepare them ahead of time and store them in the freezer, you can enjoy crispy, steamed or boiled barramundi dumplings for lunch anytime you want. Plus, you can get creative as you want with them, you can add them to a salad for a refreshing twist, or enjoy them in a comforting soup, the possibilities are endless!

Link here: https://australianbarramundi.com.au/recipes/dan-hongs-barramundi-dumpling-masterclass/

Barramundi All’acqua Pazza by Chef Will Cowpe

This barramundi by Chef Will Cowper is succulent and bursting with flavour. Imagine soft, fragrant shallots and garlic mingling with briny green olives and capers. And when you add a splash of white wine, it’s like magic happens in the pan! The best part? It only takes 20 minutes to cook! So, whether you’re hustling through a work-from-home day or craving a quick yet satisfying meal, this barramundi recipe has got you covered.

Link Here: https://australianbarramundi.com.au/recipes/barramundi-allacqua-pazza/

Crispy Barramundi and Green Papaya, Rice Noodles Salad with Nuoc Cham dressing

This Vietnamese salad featuring crispy barramundi and green papaya, tossed with rice noodles and topped off with Nuoc Cham dressing, is a fragrant and zesty delight. If you’re seeking a refreshing and healthy lunch option, look no further! With its perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavours, every bite is a burst of deliciousness. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make, ready in just 20 minutes, making it ideal for those busy days when you need a quick and satisfying meal.

Link here: https://australianbarramundi.com.au/recipes/crispy-barramundi-and-green-papaya-rice-noodle-salad-with-nuoc-cham-dressing/