A  love letter to barramundi skin

What’s crispy, crunchy and a sure-fire way to ELEVATE any fish dish? That’s right, it’s the perfectly crispy skin! But did you know there’s more to love than just how dang tasty it is? It’s also high in omega-3 fatty acids, collagen and vitamin E for skin hydration and overall skin health! To get the SKINNY on barra skin, read on!

Gettin’ crispy with it…

There’s nothing we love more than a piece of Aussie barra with some perfectly crispy skin. It’s the easiest way to elevate a piece of fish from excellent to, well, DOUBLY excellent, and is used by many a fine restaurant to add that extra something to the dish.

In a time when so many of us are stuck inside (whether that’s to escape from the cold or because of Covid restrictions), why not replicate that restaurant experience at home? Trust us when we say, it’s easier than it looks! In fact, we have a whole blog on it – go on, have a read!

Leveled up, levelled up! 

If the regular ol’ crispy skin fish isn’t quite fancy enough for you, don’t worry – there are plenty of chefs around the world who have come up with new and creative ways to elevate the fish skin from just a bonus part of the meal to a full-on gastronomic element in its own right!

At New York’s Le Bernardin, Eric Ripert coats fish skin in a five spiced glaze to create a crunchy and umami-filled crust, while Singapore based snack company, Irvins, is famous for its salted egg fish skin chip (don’t be put off by what it sounds like, this one will surprise you)! Clever cooks in the Basque region have been using salted cod skin to make a mayonnaise-like emulsion known as Pil-Pil for generations, while Sydney’s own Tom Hunt of The Guardian has spent years perfecting the art of fish skin crackling.

Don’t forget about the health factor!

So, the gastronomic benefits of fish skin are no secret, and we know all about the health benefits of the fish itself, but the benefits of the skin itself are scores beyond what you could have imagined too! Barramundi skin is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, collagen for skin hydration and elasticity, and Vitamin E, a long-regarded contributor to healthy digestion. As well as supporting skin health by protecting against the harmful effects of the sun, Vitamin E has also been known to benefit those suffering from skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Getting all that good stuff can be so much more fun than the jar of fish oil capsules gathering dust in the kitchen pantry!


With all this in mind, it’s important to remember that eating fish skin means eating whatever was in the environment the fish was raised in. Everything the fish encounters is absorbed through its skin which means ensuring the highest quality farming is essential to getting all the health and flavour benefits possible.

Sustainable Australian Barramundi encourages barra farmers around the country to adhere to the highest standards of farming to ensure the future of fishing in Australia is protected without compromising on quality and taste. Delicious, nutritious and a process you can trust.


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