Meet the Farmer – Sealord’s Rob McKendrick
Sealord's Rob McKendrick

Found in the beautiful Great Barrier Reef catchment with three kilometres of wetlands, Sealord King Reef Barramundi is committed to sustainable farming and protecting Australia’s iconic reef.

We had the opportunity to chat with Rob McKendrick, Sealord King Reef dedicated barramundi farm manager. He gave us the inside scoop on what it is like working at Sealord and shared all the exciting stuff that makes the job so fun!

What’s your favourite thing about barra farming?
My favourite thing about barra farming has to be the farm itself, the people and the climate!
Growing fish in the environment they have evolved in isn’t something that happens in all forms of aquaculture, we are lucky enough to do it here.

What has been your biggest success?
One of my biggest achievements in barra farming has been increasing and stabilising the farm’s productions. Through strategic planning and implementing effective techniques, we have managed to enhance the productivity of the farm!

Can you share with us the funniest/craziest story you have working with barramundi?
At Sealord funny and crazy things happen here all the time! The most memorable one was a snake falling on my head from the sliding door frame on the way into work one morning!

What is special about your fish?
At Sealord, we grow our barramundi at low stocking densities in fresh water, which has plenty of space. This approach helps keep them healthy and ensures they grow quickly.

Why and when did you first start working with barramundi?
I started working with barramundi just over two years ago. I was familiar with Sealord, and fortunately they gave me an opportunity to run the farm.

What’s your fondest/funniest memory working with barramundi?
One of my fondest memories working with barramundi is witnessing the incredible growth and development of our team here, as they continue to strive to grow better fish.

What’s it like working at Sealord?
There is a vast array of expertise/experience to draw on from within Sealord and a strong culture of working collaboratively. It’s fantastic being part of an organisation with a clear focus on wellbeing and sustainability.


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