Save the date for National Barramundi Day 2023!

Mark your calendars because National Barramundi Day is happening on Friday, the 20th of October. This special day is dedicated to celebrating our beloved barramundi and showing support for our hardworking farmers.

Did you know that roughly around 60% of barramundi is imported? This fact surprises many Australians and makes it tough for our local farmers to compete with imports that aren’t subject to our stringent labour and environmental regulations. That’s why we celebrate by eating delicious Australian farmed barramundi and encourage you to ask for Aussie barra at the shops or a restaurant!

To rally behind our barramundi farmers on this day, more than 100 restaurants across the country are joining the cause. They’ll be serving special barramundi dishes using fresh fish from our sustainable farms for one day only. Notable eateries like Kiln, Catalina, S’more, Clove Lane, Love Fish Barangaroo, and many more participated last year. We’ll soon be updating this year‘s participating restaurants here: (https://australianbarramundi.com.au/barra-day/).

And there’s more! We also love to partner with renowned Australian chefs who support our farmers. Notable names like Matt Moran, Matt Stone, Lennox Hastie, and Mitch Orr have been our barra chefs over the last few years and we’re nearly ready to announce this year’s chef.

If you need some inspo of what to cook at home this barra day try one of our favourite dishes from last year: Mitch Orr’s Steamed Barramundi with Ginger & Scallion

Mitch Orr’s Steamed Barramundi, Ginger & Scallion

Mitch Orr’s Steamed Barramundi Ginger & Scallion happens to be his all-time favourite and his first taste of barra! Inspired by the traditional Cantonese style, it’s his twist on the classic steamed fish pair with zesty ginger and scallion. This is a simple, clean and flavour packed recipe that that you can steam up in just 30 minutes!

You can find his recipe here: https://australianbarramundi.com.au/recipes/steamed-barramundi-ginger-scallion/

Mitch Orr’s Steamed Barramundi, Ginger & Scallion

So, gear up, save the date, and get your taste buds ready, and dive into the excitement of National Barramundi Day 2023.