How to freeze barramundi

How to freeze Aussie Barra at home during self-isolation

With supermarket shelves empty due to Aussies stockpiling for quarantine, it’s time to make use of your freezer! Australian barramundi fish is PACKED with nutrients and health benefits, which is necessary for a healthy diet and immune system. The best part is that Aussie barramundi doesn’t lose flavour or nutrition when frozen!

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Now it’s time to literally ‘Netflix & Chill’, so here are our 3 frosty hacks that we will uncover for your self-isolation needs and avoid supermarket disappointment:

  1. Prep, prep & prep!
  2. Asking thaw a friend
  3. Freezing cheat sheet

Prep, prep & prep!

Preparation is the most key step to successful (and safe) freezing of your barramundi. Here is our go-to step guide:

  • Use only fresh Australian barramundi within 1-2 days of purchase (always check the best before date on package).

*Top tip: When purchasing barramundi, make sure to ask for Aussie barra and look for the gold and blue sustainable tick. You can find a full list of sustainable Australian barramundi farms here.

  • Store fresh barramundi fish fillets in an airtight freezer bag
  • Label the freezer bag with the date of freezing so you don’t forget to cook before expiry
  • Defrost the fillets within 3 months

Asking thaw a friend

‘Self iso’ means memes, binge watching, virtual house parties and de-frosting tonight’s dinner. Here are the do’s and don’ts of thawing out your MasterChef *quarantine edition* dish:

  • DON’T thaw your frozen fillets under a running tap
  • DO thaw your barramundi in the fridge overnight
  • DON’T skip quality control – once thawed, check the texture and smell. The fish should have a clean and fresh smell. The texture should have no ice crystals and feel the same as fresh fish.
  • DO cook straight away!
      Freezing cheat sheet

With supermarket shortages, it can be difficult cooking with limited produce. However, here is our cheat sheet to other essential ingredients that you can also put in your freezer:


White fish such as Australian barramundi

Can freeze up to 3 months


Can last up to 3-6 months

Eggs (make sure to crack into container or muffin tray)

Can freeze up to 1 year


Can freeze up to 3 months

Cheese – hard

Can freeze up to 6 months

Cooked pasta

Can last up to 1-2 months

If you miss dining out at your favourite restaurant, you can re-create a delicious candle lit dinner at home using frozen Aussie barramundi! Our free celebrity chef cookbook is filled with healthy and easy dishes.

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